AC/DC could be booking dates for 2023


Alarm bells ring after the closure of HELLFEST 2022 threatens a new groundbreaking line-up for 2023 featuring Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and AC/DC

A few weeks ago the 2022 edition of Hellfest was closed, and as a culmination the dates for the next edition were announced, which will take place from 16 to 18 June 2023. As background music for the announcement, the organisers chose three songs by AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. This has caused all kinds of conjectures to fly.

There is talk of these three bands headlining the festival. Clearly that would be a wonderful thing, but it seems difficult to put all the stars in alignment.
On Iron Maiden’s side I don’t see much of a problem, they are still touring, and they could stretch the Senjutsu gum without a problem.

AC/DC have been quiet for a while now, and nobody really knows what Brian can take. The idea of doing festivals so as not to strain the vocalist with an intense and exhausting tour is quite fitting. What is clear is that if AC DC are to return to the road, it will be in 2023 and if so, the band must already be working out the details. We know that it is one of the bands that have also been rumoured to open the concert facet of the new Santiago Bernabeu. There are also several media that have revealed that there is a tour scheduled for South America.

But the most complicated thing seems to be Black Sabbath. We have an Ozzy in a lamentable state of health, and with a pending solo tour that he will have to cover if he recovers. This leaves him little room for BS. But of course, if we are optimistic, we have seen how Ozzy spoke a few days ago about the collaboration with Tony Iommi on the new Prince of Darkness album: “It’s been fantastic working with Tony. He’s the master of the riff, no one can touch him in that respect. I just wish we’d had these songs for the BLACK SABBATH ’13’ album.”

And now we add to all this the recent reports of the Def Leppard + Mötley Crüe stadium tour coming to Europe next year.

We know Deep Purple will also be there as Rock Imperium has them on the bill.

Can you imagine Europe with all of these guys touring in the summer?


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