ABYSMAL DAWN “Phylogenesis” Album Review


Review this new Death Metal download from californians ABYSMAL DAWN that arrives with the title “Phylogenesis” 

Californians ABYSMAL DAWN release their fifth full-length album called “Phylogenesis”. A dose of Death Metal to feel alive that is shown in every single track of this great album.

“Obsolescence” was its previous full-length movie dating back six years. ABYSMAL DAWN that provide us with a good cut Death Metal and this year with “Phylogenesis” is no exception.

His lineup for this occasion is Charles Elliott  on guitars and vocals, Vito Petroni on the other guitar, Elíseo García on bass and James Coppolino on drums, with only its singer being the sole survivor of the founders almost fifteen years ago. 

The band began in 2005, when they presented a proposal of brutality and power that was accepted by the public thanks to their debut album “From Ashes”, giving them the opportunity to do their first tour together with SIX FEET UNDER and DECAPITATED, small concert partners who were already betting on their devastating stage and musical presence. 

Then came festivals like the one in his own city of Los Angeles LA MURDERFEST or STAR METAL FEST, which in addition to giving them strength against the hordes of new followers, provided inspiration for his next album, “Programmed To Consume” already with the backing of the label RELAPSE RECORDS for its international release and with another member of the band who does not play any instrument but gives it a very important boost, the artist Par Olofsson, who will be in charge from now on giving that first image with their covers that are an art well stylized.

career ABYSMAL DAWN’s has gone from a dense union of renown to their previous album, where they quickly established a niche and buried firmlythemselves within their annihilating creations. Other bands currently on the scene, design an optical path of giant monsters, extraterrestrial worlds on their covers or devastations in images and rhythms, try to reflect a devastating sound to get more supporters and be competitive, but they are aware that the competition is wide and with good works, hence the dedication and perseverance in this production.

He would continue his story until his fifth album, which is the one we have to review, “Phylogenesis”, with records that go beyond the midpoints they have given us previously. Without frills and direct to the jugular. Eight new songs plus a cover by the mythical band DEATH, “Flattering Emotion” from their album “Human”, which has inspired them and many others to continue these annihilating rhythms. This time by the independent record label and international distributor SEASONS OF MIST

The skill and expertise is as competent as it is generic for bands that play Death Metal today. They are effective modern rhythms with forceful riffs, both bass and treble, along with explosive percussion jolts, guttural voices attractive for their ability to conquer. These provide us with ABYSMAL DAWN, with its pernicious part in “Phylogenesis” perhaps its with a bit of innovation, adapting to what has already been written traditionally on traditionally arranged structures, without stopping being musically heavy, with a touch of satiety and It is a double-edged weapon, which is why we make better use of its hook for listeners.

 ABYSMAL DAWN has created a brand of reliability and stability with his records, proving that this latest record is yet another addition to his brand: Competent modern Death Metal records with whoever wants to stand up to him or disagree with his creativity. Its sound is familiar and can end up being irritating or bland for fans who have been in this for a long time, who are always looking for something new in this world. The album has quickly become a sort of default resource, as a constant resource so the album seems to have always been there, and the passage of time quickly became irrelevant. For those of you listening to Americans for the first time, you can find a way to land on a patch of varying degrees of sound, such as a compact, unforgiving fifty-minute solid slab.

We inhale air and prepare ourselves to the intensity that does not diminish in all the tones and duration that we find in “Phylogenesis”, we start with “Mundane Existence”, a short galactic intro gives way to aggressive riffs that go in incredible progress when unwinding the rhythmic melodies that promises us the interesting of the album, highlights the catchy of its composition.

“The Path of The Totalitarian”.roars Mr. Elliott’s are surprising and unbeatable in this cut where he ostensibly leaves his style with his collection of heart-rending bass voices, accompanied by a sonic storm where there is a time when guitar chords are cutting stilettos as sharp as his sound, from my favorite songs; 

“Hedonistic”; in the swinging of the strings we enjoy a harmonious, balanced and even insane boost in percussion by Mr. Coppolino, his pauses and change of rhythm allow the best cervical sprain with pleasure.

“A Speck in The Fabric of Eternity”, rhythms with a weight that compress with an almost sadistic taste for those of us who like Extreme Metal, who asked for mercy to stop listening to it, impossible not to want to compare it with Death Metal Old School, the feelings of enjoyment are identical, the timeless arises from the skill of execution and technique thatgive us, ABYSMAL DAWN which is simply phenomenal.

“Coerced Evolution”, drilling chords that weave a syncopated scale to blow up the speakers with subtlety and grace of a predator before its victim, lethality throughout the song that does not need to have a cruising speed to impact, another of my favorites and recommended to listen to it endlessly; 

“True to The Blind”, even this cut that seems filler, has the subtlety of being imposing, and I write it like this, because at this point in the record, trying not to continue doing headbandig is impossible, the chords are gruesome, they impact with power and end with personality.

“Soul-Sick Nation” is a combination of movements with accelerated and overwhelming rhythms plus a very skilled solo courtesy of Fredrik Folkare, UNLEASHED and FIRESPAWN, as the only collaborator in the production that is left Note from the first solo that we heard at the beginning, again the technicality leaves its mark by allowing you to enjoy crushing melodies in surprising scales.

“The Lament Configuration”, the most detailed cut, make excellent use of the rhythmic space that progresses from the passages most wonderful to the most exasperating with astonishing ease, dual harmonies that offer a brief moment of relief before the extreme brutality of their chords, reminding us that agony is the worst that can lead us to regret a disgrace, but if it is captured in harmonies as you are is delightful even in an emotional eviction like the one we have in this production.

“Flattening of Emotions (DEATH cover), a closing tr ibuto to the unforgettable and always inspiring Mr. Schuldiner who was “the godfather” of this generated. A cover may sound like the original, but its gain is in the enduring and memorable nature of that “hymn” and this is how the Americans achieve it with this song that marked the evolution of Death Metal. Bravo Bravo.

There is nothing out of this creation, the chosen sound palette in terms of guitar and drum tones has good mixing spaces, quite fresh and brand new. The tones are thick with distortions that will echo in our ears, oscillating at various levels on different tracks and as always in this genre of Extreme Metal, the bass seems to be buried in the song but it is there. ABYSMAL DAWN has innovation in a space quickly filled with many bands today, mixing proportions of Thrash Metal with Progressive, in their own way, at high speed that takes them far on the scene.   This album is worth every second of patience and attention, from its beginning to the end, they leave little space to take a breath. The greatest use of technicalities at the expense of ABYSMAL DAWN exalts the Death Metal they propagate, with the urgent sense of cruelty that the band has never achieved before, allowing them to be at the forefront of the scene without missing us. they have forged their kingdom, they make music adapt to their circumstances and events. Somehow “Phylogenesis” is their alternative, it is an option that makes their sounds lubricate better than they already have. An album carefully packed elegantly but above all determined.



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